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Teen Skin Issues

So this is one I have wanted to blog about for a little while actually.

Having two teen girls myself (yes that's why I am stressed HA HA) I wanted to make sure my clinic offers all services to include help for those who are new to skincare if not a little stubborn and in need of persuasion.

So let us start with how and why teen acne makes an appearance.


Oil glands get stimulated when hormones become active during puberty. That's why people are likely to get acne in their teens. Because the tendency to develop acne is partly genetic, if other people in your family had (or have) acne, you may be more likely to have it too.

Contributing factors for acne and skin issues is often linked to little or no routine and use of poor quality cosmetics and products that claim to treat when in fact they sometimes make things worse.

I like to think of myself as a skin expert.